[BlindMath] Overleaf

Bert Van Landeghem b.vanlandeghem at sheffield.ac.uk
Mon Mar 15 19:12:16 UTC 2021

Dear all,

I am planning to start using Overleaf, which is a cloud-based solution to
work on LaTeX projects in a team. Does anybody have some tips and tricks to
use the platform productively with screenreaders? When opening a project,
there are generally two panes. IN the left pane, you have the LaTeX code,
in the right pane the PDF output. It would be nice to have the LaTeX code
cover the whole screen as now only half of my Braille display is being
filled with text. There would be a button to accomplish this but it seems
hard to reach with the screenreader. So any tips on using the platform are

Kind regards,

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