[BlindMath] Please, more talk between blind math users and LaTeX developers

Tony Malykh anton.malykh at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 23:09:54 UTC 2021

I am interested. As I mentioned I can probaby convince a couple of 
fellow blind engineers to coauthor that article as well - once there's a 
draft available.
I would probably say that we shouldn't take it into legal plane (e.g. 
you're breaking the law) - since this makes people defensive and scared 
of litigation. I would rather try to present things as shameful (it's a 
shame that blind people are left out of X Y and Z).
I am personally left out of latest ML research for example. I can write 
a paragraph or two how that hurts my professional career.
Feel free to contact me privately off list.

On 3/15/2021 7:17 AM, Jonathan Fine via BlindMath wrote:
> Hi
> Summary: Anyone interested in a jointly submitted article to TeX Users
> Group journal TUGboat? The submission deadline is the end of March.
> The focus of this list is end users who have a disability that affects
> reading, namely visual impairment. I think the LaTeX team is focussed on
> LaTeX developers and users. Perhaps for the LaTeX team their end user is
> the author who is writing in LaTeX.
> I think an article in TUGboat, the journal of the TeX User Group, would
> help LaTeX developers be more aware of students and others with a
> disability as an end user of LaTeX. After all, what is an author without
> readers?
> March 31 is the deadline for the next issue of TUGboat. After that, the
> deadlines are August and October. Is anyone interested in working with me
> on an article for TUGboat, to be submitted at the end of the month.
> We don't have to agree on everything to co-author an article. Indeed,
> communicating the diversity of experience and views could be very valuable,
> along with shared views when they exist.
> Here's something I'd like to say
> The UK Government writes
>> Your service must be accessible to everyone who needs it. You may be
>    breaking the law if you do not make it accessible.
>> You need to think about how users might access and use your service
>    before you design or build anything.
> I'd evaluate the LaTeX Team proposal from this point of view. I'd also
> cover technical questions, and minimal viable sub-products.
> By the way, by LaTeX developer I mean anyone that develops software that
> has a substantial relationship to LaTeX. So this would include LaTeX2HTML,
> tex4ht and lwarp developers for example, as well as the many authors of
> LaTeX packages. And, in my opinion, developers who work with MathJax.
> So, is anyone interested in working together on a jointly submitted article
> for TUGBoat. The deadline is 31 March, so we'd have to start this week!
> It's an opportunity to influence events.
> The URL for the UK Government statement is here:
> https://www.gov.uk/service-manual/helping-people-to-use-your-service/making-your-service-accessible-an-introduction
> A URL for Minimal Viable Product is here:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minimum_viable_product
> with best wishes
> Jonathan
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