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FWIW - I think it's worth learning both. I found these tutorials very helpful.

My experience in providing Braille for students at Penn State (in the U.S.). So far, all have requested Nemeth although one person requested Nemeth with raised numbers. Nemeth symbols are also incorporated into Braille ASCII<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braille_ASCII> standard in the sense that in some fonts or systems, pressing the + key generates the Nemeth Braille plus sign and not the UEB Math plus sign.

I see advantages and disadvantages with both systems. I'll also add my linguistics perspective and state that whenever any script undergoes a reform,  knowledge of the old version is still needed. People trained in Nemeth will probably continue to request Nemeth for some time, but younger students may switch to UEB math if that is what they were trained in.

Hope this helps.

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Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well.
I had a question about Braille math.
I work with math audibly, using a screen reader, but I have been interested in learning braille math recently. I can read both contracted, and I?m contracted braille.. my question is: should I learn Nemeth or UEB math? I definitely love to learn both, but I?d like to learn one of them fully before doing the other. Which one is the better one? Which one is more efficient, and which one is more common in the United States.?
Thank you.
Best regards,
Dana Ibrahim


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