[BlindMath] Math and NVDA

Rich Caloggero rjc at mit.edu
Thu Oct 19 13:13:41 UTC 2023

They do perform the same function. MathCat is developed by the same 
person who developed the earlier MathPlayer app which was discontinued a 
number of years ago due to age. It is under continuing development by 
the author.

I'm not sure of the exact state of

Access8Math, and am not sure if it is still under active development.

Hope this helps a bit.

-- Rich

On 10/18/2023 4:47 PM, dana.mohsen.azim at gmail.com wrote:
> Dear Blind Math members,
> I hope you are all well.
> I had a question regarding math with NVDA.
> I know that there are 2 add-ons that we can install to make math more
> accessible with NVDA: Access8Math and the MathCAT add-on.
> What is the difference between the 2, or do they both perform the same
> functions?
> Thank you,
> Dana
Rich Caloggero
Accessibility Specialist
Disability and Access Services
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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