[Colorado-talk] Mother's Day, A Virtual Tour, Exciting Globe News And More On Tonight's Djd Invasion

David Dunphy discoduck221 at gmail.com
Sun May 12 18:44:00 UTC 2019

Mother's Day, More Globe Excitement, And A Tour Of My Living Space? Whaaaaat?
And all this on The Djd Invasion tonight?? Wow!
Hello, and let's get ready to have some fun on tonight's Djd Invasion!
Before going on about that though, let's take a moment to say Happy
Mother's Day to the awesome moms out there! Whether you're a mom or
play the roll of a mother, you enrich the lives of your children and
family everyday with everything you do. Keep up the awesome work! And
to those who lost their mom like me or don't have a mom for other
reasons, my thoughts are with you.

If any moms, or anyone out there, is looking for something fun to do,
look no further than tonight's Djd Invasion, starting at 8 PM eastern
on 195 The Globe!
Look out for a musical lineup tonight that will have you tapping your
toes/snanping your fingers and/or dancing to the music!
In addition, we'll be doing a set of 4 songs to honor those awesome
motherly figures in our lives.
And if that's not enough, get a news update about some awesomeness
coming to the globe that will let you get close to the presenters you
hear everyday. In addition, you just might get a tour of the place
that I now call home in Colorado, too!
Gotta request for the show tonight? No worries. feel free to search my
music library, starting at 7:30PM eastern up through midnight, for
your favorite tune/tunes at
As I said, that request page will be up til show's end at midnight
eastern. In addition, when the show starts, feel free to come to
Teamtalk at
ports 10064
to meet fellow listeners and to say hi. We'll be in the listener's hangout!
If you don't have our server information saved but do have Teamtalk,
use this link to join us there at 8 PM eastern:
Tuning in is very easy to do, too! You can either
1. Visit the globe listen page at
2. Grab our 195 The Globe mobile app from the ITunes or google play stores
3. Ask google or alexa to play 195 The Globe on Tunein
4. Put the following into your media player of choice:
5. Load the following link into your default media player:
Regardless of how you tune in, join us for mother's day fun, and high
energy music and more on tonight's Djd Invasion!
Hope to see you there!
>From David Dunphy, A K A Djd

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