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The City and County of Denver is planning a major redesign of our Sixteenth Steet Mall.  Part of their plan is to remove the curbs between the transit way (where the Free MallRide travels) and the pedestrian sidewalk.  Curbs are a universal barrier between vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  We need as many people to be at this meeting on Thursday 23 May.  See below for additional information.


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Probably one of the last chances to provide hard feedback on the 16th Street Mall design.  We want to insure that the curb that is used by the buses extends the entire length of the bus lane to help our friends with vision issues stay safe.  Each guest is given 3 minutes for public input. Take advantage of it.


Jaime Lewis
CCDC Transit Advocate

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Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities (ACPD)

May 23, 2019 – 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm – T & D Conference Room,

1660 Blake Street, Denver, CO

[cid:d2a29068-de0e-4a92-b8ce-2e4c9ccff25a at namprd05.prod.outlook.com]

Jan Ross
Administrative Specialist, Civil Rights Division
Regional Transportation District
1660 Blake Street, BLK-31 | Denver, CO 80202

o 303.299.2266 | f 303.299.2061
jan.ross at rtd-denver.com<mailto:jan.ross at rtd-denver.com>

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