[Community-service] Introduction and Info About the Membership Committee

Kyra Sweeney kyra.sweeney94 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 21:46:14 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,
  It was great to meet many of you at this year’s NFB convention. For
those who I didn’t get the chance to meet, my name is Kyra Sweeney, I
am from Los Angeles, and I am a new board member of the Community
Service Division..

I know that you’ve all gotten several emails about the exciting
committees of the Community Service Division that you have the
opportunity to join. Yet another of these is the Membership Committee,
which I will be chairing this year. This committee would be a great
fit for anyone who loves interacting with people and coming up with
creative ideas for activities. We will be focused on both building the
membership of this division and serving the current members of the
division. Some of our goals and responsibilities will include:
- Building membership by informing members of the NFB, as well as
other blind people, about The Community Service Division and why it is
— Thinking of innovative ways to reach new members
 Planning fun, interesting activities and events for current members,
including monthly conference calls on specific topics relating to
community service
- Keeping everyone informed about what is going on in the division
Listening to and gathering feedback, suggestions, and ideas about the
division, and ensuring that members’ voices are heard.

  From my involvement in this division over the last couple of years,
I have realized that one of our greatest strengths is our membership.
We bring together blind people with a common interest in volunteering
and community service, which provides  chances to ask questions, share
experiences, and encourage one another. I really hope that you will
join this committee and help to develop our membership to its full

If you are interested in joining, or have questions, please email me
at kyra.sweeney94 at gmail.com, or call or text me at 310-430-3817.
Thanks for reading this long email, and I look forward to hearing from
Kyra Sweeney

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