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Hi, I know. I missed the conference call last night at 8pm, my extended family moved in on Thursday and we Baptized Traye Sunday, They left last night , so the conference call was over before I was informed. Beth 


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Hi Lucia,


Immediately below is an update on the reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act from the NCSAB policy advisor Dr. Fred Schroeder.





To NCSAB Executive Committee

From: Fred Schroeder

Date: July 15, 2011

Subject: WIA Update



As you know, the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee

released its draft of a bill to reauthorize the Workforce Investment Act

(WIA) in mid June. Committee staff allowed a very brief time for

organizations and individuals to review the draft and to submit comments.

The WIA reauthorization was originally scheduled for full committee markup

on June 29 but was rescheduled for July 13. The date of the hearing was

again pushed back to July 27, and it has now been pushed back once again to

August 3.


One concern on which we commented relates to the proposed new Section 511.

Section 511 would require VR agencies to take a number of affirmative steps

before placing an individual into sheltered (extended) employment at a

subminimum wage. Our concern is that the new Section 511 seems to be

reopening the door to sheltered workshop placements by VR agencies. We have

talked with Committee staff and they assure us that the intent is to

discourage sheltered subminimum wage employment. We support the Committee's

view that sheltered work should be minimized; however the new Section 511

seems to work in a way contrary to the Committee's goal.


Another of are concerns relates to the administration of the older blind

program. Language in the proposed bill for Title VII, Independent Living,

establishes a new Independent Living Administration (ILA) with a director

appointed by the Secretary of Education. The ILA director will have

authority over the Independent Living parts B and C programs but not over

older blind services. The older blind program will continue to be

administered by the Rehabilitation Services Administration; however the name

of the program will be changed to remove the reference to independent living

services. The services and other program requirements are unchanged.


As further information becomes available, I will pass it along.




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