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Joe ToLove lovenergy at optonline.net
Sat Oct 1 00:03:03 UTC 2011

Hello NFB Friends,


I am alive, mentally transformed, spiritually awakened and emotionally healed. I will share my healing message with you, but only if you want to hear it.  Delete now if you are not interested, it is a bit long, but I want to tell you enough to aid you.  For a lot longer version, request it, and I will send immediately.  It is 4000 word version, so request full version, which is my transcript of my audio CD.  More than anything, I want to bring real love to all of you, and have the one tool that will do it for everyone of you who use it.  Now for this healing version of my truth









Congratulations, and yes, you did read that correct!  I've now got a cure for all of our whole world's problems and I am on fire with excitement for mankind!  No longer will there be terrorism, wars, fighting, hunger, greed, poverty, anger, addictions, and the list is as long as you can make it!  My beloved friends, with your help we will be even healing thousands of people of every kind of serious mental, emotional and yes, physical illness/disease!


One word will do it all for us too, and that magic word is: "Lovenergy."  I've got living proof of its healing effectiveness, in fact you are reading my words now because it saved me.  Accidents don't happen by accident, everything is intended.  Friends, I was suicidal for years on purpose!  I pray that you are still with me for what I am going to tell you next is going to be even more shocking.  My not bringing this GOoD news of Lovenergy to you sooner is what almost killed me!  My beloved, I created a living hell for myself and it became so serious that it ended me up on suicide watch in the hospital ten or more times in the past two years!  Then I cured myself in only weeks by the healing power of Lovenergy!  I capitalize it on purpose, and however you know our life creator, is perfect.  He-She-It doesn't care either what we might choose to call this existing force, so why not call It Lovenergy?


Lovenergy is going to cure you too, it did me.  Sure, I'm still totally blind, suffering brain damage from two strokes, from not having a pituitary gland, but I'm still alive and only divine unconditional Lovenergy has kept me alive for this very purpose!    All of those seemingly Bad things including the self created hell of suicidal desires, happened to me for a specific reason.  Can you think of a better way of grabbing your attention?  Please, don't think about that too hard, I wouldn't want you creating anything you don't want happening-LOL!


I will, You can, and together, We will cure the whole world of all of its sickness!  Believe powerfully enough, and you can cure every disorder.  Since I cured myself nine months ago of my desires of escaping life, I've gotten one book published, "Awakening One's Lovenergy," completed my auto biography and produced an adio love enhancing and healing meditation CD.  My beloved friends, I cannot without you bring this healing cure to the whole world, but together We will!  Until just this morning I was thinking of my bringing my next offer to only the small community of blind and disabled people who suffer feelings, and sadly enough the fact of isolation because of their handicaps.  Also to the the seriously depressed who like us of the disabled community really don't want to feel this way.  I can't say this strong enough, but with the power of Lovenergy, none of us have to feel or even be love deprived!  With my CD it will be easy for all of us to bring divine unconditional Lovenergy into our lives. It will quickly cure the whole world of the sickness of hatred. Now lets bring this GOoD news and make it available to everyone!  I cannot do it alone, although I am making you an offer you can't refuse me or especially Lovenergy, or god-Energy if you prefer.


My Beloved, and you are my Beloved, or soon you if you choose love over hatred, will be beloved to everyone.  Help me to transform the whole world with the One only necessary tool, that of Lovenergy!  Friends, in true appreciation of the healing energy of love I make you this offer, send to me whatever you can, and I will provide you with my healing CD!  If like me your funds are limited, send to me whatever you can, you can always help me later.  You will too, this Lovenergy will heal your financial woes too.  If you are another Bill Gates, send me whatever you can so that I am better able to bring this curative method of love enhancement to the whole world.  


Oprah, Dr. Phil and everyone in the media I ask you to get me onto your shows so that I am able to bring this cure to our needy world.  Humanity is at this healing point now not by accident, it is all intended by Lovenergy!      
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