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Anne West ct.daffodil at snet.net
Sun Oct 2 16:51:38 UTC 2011

Hello all.  I am forwarding John's response to you regarding the fence
issue.  He is a member of the Central CT chapter but not subscribed to this
list from one of his emails.

The latest on the fence is that the residents here are beginning to rally
around us because they can not see why they have to walk a long distance for
a festival that's 50-100 feet away from our doors.  John told me that people
are pooling together for rides down the hill but I bet no one will call me.
That's okay because I would not take off and do that to John.  Not fair.
So, as you will see in his thanks to you we sit tight and watch the wheels
turn for a few days.

If you would like to write to me, please use the email in my signature to be
sure I can send you mail.  I'm going to call AT&T tomorrow when I can speak
with a local rep and give them what for on this blocking issue.

Have a nice day as I smell the fair food, hear the rides, and soon will hear
the parade go by.  Groan!

Anne West
ct.daffodil at snet.net

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> Thank you for all of your kind words in this fence/Apple Festival issue
> in Southington.  Anne & I appreciate all of your help the fence is still
> up.  After I wrote the e-mail the other night which Anne forwarded to
> you many more things have happened.  In brief, I contacted many people
> including newspapers and local television .  The response was more than
> exciting .
> At this point the town hall is not very happy surprise .  We are going
> to quiet down for a few days and some wheels are currently turning to
> attack strongly at this point would be fruitless. Our point has been
> made. the next course of action that happened Friday evening was quite
> interesting- as a town activist called , he ran into the festival
> organizers plus the town manager and even local police officials and
> circulated the original e-mail after which they all visited the fence so
> we have it under control all of them are trying to save face .
> Apparently the way round this according to the town attorney who is the
> non-bending party is the local housing authority will be required to
> take any one living here (40 apartments) wanting to go to the festival
> by vehicle, (about 75-100 feet) down Academy Street, great compromise
> for able  bodied residents not wheelchairs.
> The ther option drive 3 miles to the shuttle parking at a local school.
> Upon calling our local senior center their idea was to call the
> responsible commuter shuttle company and requests para transit service
> .  In this case you have to understand the apple fritter booth is only
> 100ft. from my apartment and in the para transit service is ten miles a
> way .  .  .  Interesting...so this saga will continue .  .  .  The news
> media is very interested and had a lot of fun tracking this story
> yesterday .  So we'll keep you posted .
> Regards
> John M West

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