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Congrats Anne and John,

They've got to do whatever they can to make themselves look good.  The fence is going, and that's what counts.  Congradulations!


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  First, the famous fence will be gone by the end of today.  I can not drop names but we received very important phoen calls this morning from key people who read the below article and took positive action.  It is on the front page of the Meriden Record Journal!  They proved that fence is not legal.  Therefore, it has to go.  No further action is necessary by NFB at this time.  Please read John's entire post because the article is full of wrong info.

  Subject: Record-Journal article 10/03

  With inaccuracies (From the Town Manager) here is the article from Monday's Record -Journal I will add the truths in the comment area http://www.myrecordjournal.com/southington/article_c104a7a6-ed67-11e0-ad44-001cc4c002e0.html 
  Fence blocks handicapped-accessible street to Apple Harvest Festival in Southington 
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  Photo by Dave Zajac

  Fence blocks handicapped-accessible street to Apple Harvest Festival in Southington
  John and Anne West of Southington stand at a fence installed next to the Lincoln Lewis apartment complex at 43 Academy St. in Southington Sunday October 2, 2011. The couple says the fence blocks the handicap accessible sidewalk and prohibits them from attending the annual Southington Harvest festival. 

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  Posted: Sunday, October 2, 2011 10:32 pm 

  Fence blocks handicapped-accessible street to Apple Harvest Festival in Southington By Kimberly Primicerio, Record-Journal staff Record-Journal | 0 comments 

   SOUTHINGTON - A fence put up near the Lincoln Lewis Terrace has a resident upset.

  John West lives in the Lincoln Lewis apartments at 43 Academy St. He needs a wheelchair to get around and would like to use the handicapped-accessible sidewalk to get from his home to the Apple Harvest Festival. He could leave his home from a different exit and travel on Academy Street, but he said such a route is too dangerous to go on in his wheelchair. Using the exit that is blocked by wooden fence would put him right near the amusement rides at the festival.

  "They can't block a building or a handicapped-accessible walkway," West said. West moved to the apartment complex with his wife, Anne West, nearly two months ago. They traveled down the sidewalk to get to the center of town for Music on the Green over the summer.

  "They should at least put a gate so people can walk through or come through to go to the festival," West said. The fence was put up Friday afternoon, according to West.

  Town Manager Garry Brumback said for the last 12 years the temporary fence has been put up during the festival in order to preserve the integrity of the festival and provide security.

  Brumback said he's provided West accommodations such as alternate means of transportation and even got the housing authority director involved to help West and make arrangements.

  West said he could take advantage of some other means of transportation, but asked why should he have to when the festival is 50 feet away from him?

  "It doesn't belong there," West said, adding that there's no safety issue and if someone wanted to knock the fence down they could. The fence isn't sturdy and is held together by wire.

  West said he doesn't know what the town is trying to do by barricading the complex. He doesn't think he or his wife will make it down to the festival because of the fence.

  Brumback said the town reached out to West and tried everything they could, but West wasn't flexible.

  From my Facebook comment :

  Here is a summary of the wrong statements by Mr. Brumback--

  Ok here we go- the Town Manager Garry Brumback twisted the truth royally 1,) the temporary fence has only been here for 3-4yrs, 2.) Accomodation?? What accomodations?? none were offered. Is accessibility worth it?? You make the judgement and let me know..


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