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Joyce  Kane
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Version 0.0.14  of my drawing program for blind and visually impaired users 
is now posted  at: _http://www.austincc.edu/baldwin/SWT-SVG/SVGDraw01.zip_ 
(http://www.austincc.edu/baldwin/SWT-SVG/SVGDraw01.zip)  and  is available 
for immediate download.

Perform  the following two steps to run the program   
1. After downloading the zip file, extract all of the material from the  
zip file into an empty folder being careful to preserve the directory tree  
2. Execute the file named RunSVGDraw01.bat.

When  the program starts, you will land on Home Base from which you can 
select any  of the actions provided by the menus. You can open the Help 
document at any  time by pressing the F1 key. There are five menus that can be 
opened by  pressing the keys shown below:

File  (Alt+F)
Draw (Alt+D)
Mod (Alt+M)
Advanced (Alt+A)
Help (Alt+H)

I  will be happy to answer questions during the upcoming telephone  

Dick  Baldwin

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Monday, October 17 9:30 PM Eastern, 8:30 PM Central, 7:30 PM Mountain,  
6:30 PM Pacific, 5:30 PM Alaska time 
Guest Speaker,  Richard Baldwin, Professor of Computer Information  
Technology Austin Community College will be joining us to talk about his new  
computer program that will enable the visually impaired/blind to draw and  make 
tactile graphics with a computer and an embosser.  He saw that  their was a 
need for this and developed this program to help his  students.  He is 
offering his program as a free download.  Please  do come to hear more about this 
and to ask your questions.
_218 862 3242_ (tel:218%20862%203242)  Dawn's Den, hit 1 twice and then 50  
plus the #sign.
Joyce Kane, President
NFB Krafters Division
_www.KraftersKorner.org_ (http://www.krafterskorner.org/) 
Blindhands at AOL.com  

Joyce Kane
_www.KraftersKorner.org_ (http://www.krafterskorner.org/) 
Blindhands at AOL.com  

Richard G. Baldwin (Dick Baldwin)
Home of Baldwin's  on-line Java Tutorials
_http://www.DickBaldwin.com_ (http://www.dickbaldwin.com/) 

Professor of Computer  Information Technology
Austin Community College
_(512) 223-4758_ (tel:(512)%20223-4758) 
mailto:_Baldwin at DickBaldwin.com_ (mailto:Baldwin at DickBaldwin.com) 
_http://www.austincc.edu/baldwin/_ (http://www.austincc.edu/baldwin/) 

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