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I've seen one, the headphones worked but since you are wearing headphones it
kind of blocks out the other sounds and so you can't focus on the surround
sound which is what I love to do. Just ask Chris. I didn't talk to the
people so I don't know how that went.

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Hello everyone, I am writing to findout what peoples experiences have
been when going to the movies to see an audio described film.  As many
of you may know I am from Boston and it seems like seeing an audio
described movie there was easier to do.  I live in Bristol, and am
interested in knowing if anyone has attempted to visit the cinemas in
the area which say the have audiodescription films.  For instance, if
anyone went did they find the equipment to work, or did the staff know
what you were talking about?  I am aware of a few theaters around
Bristol which say they have such movies, but when you see what is
playing the recording says nothing about audio description.  I have
done many google searches regarding this subject, and found lots of
interesting stuff, but I am not sure how good it is.  In my home city
of Boston, the theaters with Audio Description would list the movies.
I am interested in hearing from the blind community of CT. about this.

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