[Ct-nfb] state convention blues

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Hey Chris,


I had some trouble too. At about 7:00 I tried the number on the flyer and after 10 minutes on hold, I found that this was the wrong ramadaa inn. Those idiots had transferred me to the national number. I finally got my reservation though but I’m not a happy camper regarding them too busy checking people inn. It seems that don’t want our business and/or the service will suck too. 




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Hey out there,


Has anyone else had difficulty making their hotel reservation at the Ramada Plaza, or does my phone line just go directly  to the executive idiot's office? I've called 3 times today--at 1:00, at 2:30 and at 4:30--and each time they told me they couldn't help me because they were too busy checking people in. I called again and they sent me to their national reservation call center--which has no record of a Ramada in downtown Hartford, only 1 in Windsor Locks and another in East Hartford. Am I being sent a message?


Frustrated in Danbury


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