[Ct-nfb] The Medicare Savings Program and other help with premiums

Tara Bergeron omegaalto at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 18 16:15:54 UTC 2011

Hi All, 

I saw the Medicare thread about Part B premiums and wanted to offer some information about how one can get help paying for these premiums. This is my first post so I will introduce myself...I am a mother of two,  a CHOICES trained volunteer, and the Town social worker for a rural town in CT. ( I don't know if we are supposed to use identifiers on here?) Also, I too am a visually impaired/low vision / legally blind individual (What is the PC term this year?)  It's nice to meet all of you! 

Note: I do not have any information on the potential future increases of Medicare premiums at this time. Most budget items are in a state of flux and debate right now. 

However, I can share with you that there is a program out there to help pay your Part B premiums. This program is called the Medicare Savings Program. There are three "levels" of this program, and each do different things dependent upon the income of the beneficiary. I pleased to say that the income guidelines for MSP are much higher than other popular programs; such as SNAP (food stamps). Check out the guidelines, download the brochure and the application for MSP at:http://www.ct.gov/dss/cwp/view.asp?A=2345&Q=451372  This is CT Department of Social Services' website. 

There is also "extra help" from the Social Security Administration to help you pay for your Part D (prescription drug plan) premiums! Check that out at: http://www.ssa.gov/prescriptionhelp/ If you are interested in getting this particular help - you #1 sign up for it, and #2 choose what is called a "benchmark plan." I will stop writing here, as I don't want to overwhelm everyone with too many details. 
HOWEVER - If you have questions about these programs, you can always email me. I will be happy to either email or call you back and discuss, in much greater detail, each of the helping programs associated with the different parts (A, B, C, D) of Medicare.  

Gratefully and Happily Yours,
Tara B.
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