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Hello Michael,
It is very nice to hear back from you and that is great you are going to  
Lake George it is very nice up there.  I had to wait to hear back from  Frank 
Recchia the a friend and reporter who will be doing the interview he was  
off covering a big story today so I am sorry for not getting back to you  
right away.  Frank said that he didn't know what says when in the week  those 
dates were that you had given, but if that does work out that you can come  
in earlier that would be so amazing.   
I had told Frank that Roselle had just won the award, your book is doing  
well, the Hallmark story, and how well you are doing he was so thrilled for 
you  that its nice to hear that one of the good ones is getting great success 
for a  change.  Frank and I were talking and wanted to know since you had 
one  amazing dog and now another and share a love for dogs as many do, but we 
had a  few tragic stories lately of dogs getting hurt badly in protection 
of their  master just amazing stories and so these few would tie in so 
amazing of talking  about the courage of Roselle and so on.  
Forgive me I am sorry I have forgotten the name of your foundation for  
Roselle if you can tell me again because it would be talked about and would 
like  to get it out now too. I have learned that people are very good when it 
comes to  dogs and animals and giving to help them.
I hope you are well and I so look forward to meeting with you in November  
and it all falls into place this time.  Joe Tolve is as well excited in  
meeting up with you.  
Thank you.
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October 18,  2011

Oak Hill will  conduct a focus group to discuss the current and future 
state of services  for people who are legally and totally blind in the state of 
CT.  Your  ideas and suggestions will be welcome during this discussion.  
Free  lunch will be provided. 
Our  discussion  will take place on Tuesday, November 1, 2011, from 11:00AM 
 to 2:00PM,at the NEAT Center at Oak Hill, located at 33 Coventry St in  
Hartford, CT.  
 Please  R.S.V.P. by Friday, October 28, 2011 to Steven Famiglietti at 860 
286-3100  or _Famigliettis at ciboakhill.org_ 
(mailto:Famigliettis at ciboakhill.org) 
We welcome your  thoughts on a range of topics including, transportation, 
employment, serving  the aging population, and providing services in a 
Carroll Center like  environment.  If you have an idea about a service you'd like 
to see  provided to people in CT, please share it with our group during the  
Thank you in  advance for your participation.  
Steven  Famiglietti
Blind Services  Vocational Manager
The NEAT Center  at Oak Hill
33 Coventry  St.
Hartford,  CT  06112
Phone 860  286-3100
Fax 860  286-3111
_www.ciboakhill.org_ (http://www.ciboakhill.org/) 
_www.neatmarketplace.org_ (http://www.neatmarketplace.org/) 
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