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Joe ToLove lovenergy at optonline.net
Sun Oct 30 20:18:12 UTC 2011

Thanks Friends,

Thanks for all of your help, we've got to get the word out there.  Especially for those who are suffering with any problem.  It makes perfectly good sense to me that More love will heal.  Especially when we consider that so many problems are mentally caused.  Depression is a prime example.  I was seriously depressed for years.  When I discovered and started using Lovenergy again, it totally reversed all conditions! Friends, I don't like talking about my depression, but it was so bad that I was suicidal and had to be hospitalized on suicide watch.  Nothing was working for me.  The staff even talked about me being put away for the rest of my life.  I went to group therapy thinking that I would have to go daily for the rest of my life, if I was to live.  I heard really bad stories from other patients and realized how lucky I had always had it.  Wanting to help them, I told of my discovery of Lovenergy and what it had done for me years before, totally transforming bad into good.  A girl asked, "Joe, if it works so good, why are you wanting to die?"  I had only one answer, "Because I've stopped using it."  Well Friends needless to say, I started using it again that day.  In only days totally, and there is only one word for it, I "Cured" my suicidal depression!  It hasn't, and won't ever return again.  This is true because I am going to spend the few necessary minutes daily listening to my CD and practicing this healing technique I teach on it.

I've got the CD and book that teach this method of enhancing feelings of love, and have to present it to EveryOne suffering any kind of feelings of depression, loneliness, isolation, suffering with bad habits like smoking, overeating, drinking and all other kinds of mental anguish.  I will work with you one on one, and guarantee your happiness, and yes, healing of your mental problems.  Write me for the CD and/or book: lovenergy at optonline.net.


I've got a free Happiness Club meeting 11/11/11 in Greenwich.  Call me if you want more detail, need a ride... 

Thanks again for your help in all of us reaching and gaining this goal of total healing for all of mankind.  It will heal wars, anger, fighting, terrorism, greed, hunger.....!  Call if you need help.  Please send it to everyone, especially those in need.  I want more than anything, to help heal you/them!




Joe Tolve

Author of "Awakening One's Lovenergy," and producer of Healing Love CD.
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