[Ct-nfb] Banking issue

Anne West ct.daffodil at snet.net
Fri Feb 10 16:32:16 UTC 2012

Good morning all.  I don't want to start a super thread but something has
been bothering me for years.  Am I crazy or do I have a legitimate

I have been using the raised lined checks since I got my first checking
account forever ago.  My first bank was the old CBT.  Checks were cost free
which was a perk with my account.  Then came Fleet Now Bank of America with
numerous and high fees.

Fast forward to 1993 when I moved to Southington and opened a joint checking
account with John at Southington Savings Bank, a solid, friendly home town
bank.  My first check order gave me sticker shock when our account was
charge for the printing fee.  What happened?  I was told that my checks are
considered a special request but I could have the standard checks for little
cost.  My mind started working.

I gave some thought to the fact that the raised lined checks are not special
for me or a vanity item but something I need for independence.  John writes
many checks but he feels I should have what I need and he right.  I
complained and was told I would pay the same as others for the standard
checks, a good solution.

Southington Saving Bank is now TD Bank.  Yesterday I ordered checks for our
personal account at a cost of $55 for 150 checks.  No way, I thought.  I
called and explained my feelings again with the result that TD is charging
me half price for the checks.

I don't write many because I use on line banking and TD Bank's E-Bill Pay.
However, if needed, I can put the checks into my typewriter, what's that
gadget???  Hahahaha!

I guess it's the old why do we have to pay so much for things we need such
as technology and other things?  We all know that laws are changing for the
better.  I am not a stingy person and always pay for the things I buy but I
don't like being over charged.  Am I crazy or do others feel the same?

That's my vent for today.  Enjoy tomorrow's snow, yuck!

Anne West
ct.daffodil at snet.net

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