[Ct-nfb] speaker at state convention November 2nd.

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i can't wait to hear her.


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Hello, below see a book from an NFB member who will speak at our state
convention In Meriden on November 2nd. Beth Rival 

In and Out of Darkness

Losing Vision, Gaining Insight



As one of the first women sports editors at a daily newspaper, author Linda
Goodspeed gained a national reputation for ski writing. She won awards,
covered the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo in the former Yugoslavia and
wrote a book about skiing.


But in her late 20s and early 30s, Goodspeed lost her eyesight to a
childhood eye disease, and her life changed forever--not in a good way
either. At least not at first.  


"According to surveys, blindness is people's worst fear after terrorism and
cancer," Goodspeed said. "Terrorism and cancer will kill you. No one has
ever died of blindness. Still, people fear it more than almost anything
else. I know. I went through it."


In this compelling and inspiring story, the author details the fear and
loneliness of going blind, and her determination to re-start her career and
life. She moves away from home, learns blind skills like Braille and walking
with a white cane, meets other blind professionals, learns how to use
adaptive equipment, takes up old pursuits like downhill skiing, gets new
jobs and travels to Russia to adopt a baby. 


In and Out of Darkness is a story of love and faith, people and
perseverance, and all the uncertainties, challenges and blessings life
throws at us. Sometimes difficult, sometimes funny, seldom a straight line.
But never dull either. A  beautifully written memoir of people and places,
and the indomitable human spirit. 


"Well written." "Inspirational." "Four stars!"


In and Out of Darkness ($9.99) is published as an e-book, available in
several e-book formats, including Kindle, Apple iBooks for the iPad and
other iOS devices, the Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony and other formats. 


The book has 25 chapters arranged around four broad themes: Detours,
Connections, Faith and Adversity.


To sample or download In and Out of Darkness, go to 

http://smashwords.com/b/256018 <http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/256018>


Kindle direct link: 






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