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Thank you for everything you've done with our legislative committee-and for
all of your leadership in the affiliate (in our student division, on our
board, at our conventions, etc.).  You have done outstanding work and
mentored many people who have gone on to contribute and lead so much.

I look forward to working with Jim on our legislative committee!  He is a
great leader and will carry the torch of legislative advocacy and leadership
excellently. It'll be good to get the updates on Space Available on this
list shortly and find out how we all can continue to help.

I sincerely hope that a career opportunity to teach cane travel becomes
available in Connecticut (Brian Sigman - are you reading?  Along with the
end of that bill that would have done such harm to us getting guide dogs
something likely more important to you professionally happened: BESB, and
all state agencies, got a budget and can plan).  I know that wherever your
career takes you you will take up a torch and shine it brightly and with

Again, looking forward to hearing very soon what we can do next to help!


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Greetings, fellow Federationists in Connecticut! 

First, to correct a small miss-understanding, I am a member of the At Large

I want to thank Justin for his enthusiastic and very productive service as
Legislative Co-ordinator. I've enjoyed working with him, and look forward to
working with him more in the future. 

I know some of you do not yet know me very well personally, but I plan to be
reaching out to the various chapters in the near future. As the new
Legislative Co-ordinator I plan to continue along the path we've been
walking, without letting up one bit. 

I will be posting updates to the listserve at least twice weekly, so please
check your e-mail often. As you may have noticed, there is very important
news regarding Space Available. I will post some info about that later

I'm very grateful for the opportunity to serve our affiliate as Legislative
Co-ordinator! If any of you have any questions, comments, etc. my contact
info is below. 

Jim McCollum
Legislative Co-ordinator 
National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut 
Home phone: 203-535-1620 
Mobile phone: 860-581-0430 
E-mail: j.mccollum64 at comcast.net 
Twitter: @JYMcCollum 

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