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You don't want to miss this. 




Volume 1, No. 1 Fall 2017 








The LBPH Newsletter 

Quarterly News and Updates  

Gordon Reddick, Director

Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped








Welcome to our first issue of the LBPH quarterly newsletter. With the use of emails becoming all the more prevalent, it is now practical to distribute a newsletter en masse in a cost effective manner especially in light of Connecticut's budget situation. The intent of this newsletter is to pass the word to our patrons and friends of new happenings and updates on the old. Of major significance, the LBPH program is in the early stages of a transition to entirely new and modernized methods of book distribution which takes advantage of the "cloud" while at the same time greatly increasing user-friendliness. Since this transition will take five to ten years to complete, it is our hope to keep you informed of the incremental progress as the time passes by. In this issue, we'll discuss the new concepts and future plans of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, abbreviated as 'NLS', which will form the basis for future commentary.


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NLS's Future Concept of Operations



The NLS has stated its future priorities as:


*     Maintain quality of materials.

*     Increase number and scope of titles available.

*     Leverage technology to improve patron experience.

*     Increase the number of patrons served.

*     Modernize the NLS braille program to enhance literacy.




New Features Now available


1. BARD - Express is an upgrade to BARD which enables the patron to more rapidly search books on BARD, much more easily download them directly to a computer or mobile device and then transfer them to a USB flash drive or cartridge. You'll need an active BARD account and have a personal computer running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. 


2. The NLS has a new breath switch compatible with the digital player. The USB breath switch provides control of all functions of the digital player using sip and puff actions. It is designed for patrons unable to physically use the player's buttons. The breath switch is available only from the NLS. To get one, call your reader advisor and ask for the breath switch application which, when completed and returned, will be forwarded to NLS.


3. The NLS has also released a high-volume version of the digital player for use by patrons who are hearing impaired. It can amplify the player's volume to 120 decibels and is available in both the standard and advanced players. A special application needs to be completed and certified, returned to the library which will forward it to NLS.  




Friends Group  


The LBPH Friends group had its 

bi-monthly meeting on October 17, 2017, at the Library for the Blind. They had a special guest speaker, Karen Orband from Vanda Pharmaceuticals, who made a presentation on the circadian rhythm disorder known as Non-24. A second guest speaker was David McCullough of Spark Therapeutics who discussed the latest advances in genetic testing of eye diseases.


The Friends Group also had a guided tour recently of the Wadsworth Atheneum art museum in Hartford and then lunch at the Hartford Public Library. All had a wonderful time and wished that more of our patrons and friends would come. More outings are being planned. 


Come and join the Friends Group and take part in interesting activities and camaraderie with fellow patrons. 

National Library Service 


The National Library Service is beginning a field test of a new device which will allow a patron to download a talking book directly to a cartridge via a Wi-Fi connection. Testing this device, called a Mobile Cartridge (MOCA), is part of a long term project to make book players capable of downloading books directly to the player. A patron would not need any experience with computers to do this.   


The National Library Service is also working with the Perkins Library in Massachusetts to develop a Braille eReader, also called a refreshable braille device, configured for use by our patrons. Once perfected, this device will turn an online digital braille file into physical braille for tactile reading.


To order books:

Email:  csl.lbph at ct.gov <mailto:csl.lbph at ct.gov> 

Telephone:  860-721-2020 or 






 <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NRTm_Ccr7Cw0cUImJs9MoUeQAQPETjKxn3v5wAplUa1GMVH2n7oYe0vHyJPf3OHzWgL2brKRRP8VTwYzWXqPZnQN3xE_0bCKRcGE-vCESlaAxnqMb7SqItfgfUleNaaeEyAyz1b_J2hqtLDQt4J0G3V57MsjiLbxL69cjQyoNCY=&c=31zoHEmlOfniKzZ1HdfKZ3L3i_6aYzfXd1q3S3gzgJzIoMhIG7iZXA==&ch=F9eTyKKhsAKe81E74i-AUxtiTBSMSZGg7Nwkc35zOuaRIgr4sIRsAw==>    <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NRTm_Ccr7Cw0cUImJs9MoUeQAQPETjKxn3v5wAplUa1GMVH2n7oYe-sscKFTihzL2M59BDiGFI5r1NtP1kXJzZDyJUFOZxRApD9YMYoizW9IvNkc4aeaWUHZNyfAlk-p4Sa_olEcVYkJ0xIW6uVNRPNeQikkbCmO&c=31zoHEmlOfniKzZ1HdfKZ3L3i_6aYzfXd1q3S3gzgJzIoMhIG7iZXA==&ch=F9eTyKKhsAKe81E74i-AUxtiTBSMSZGg7Nwkc35zOuaRIgr4sIRsAw==> 



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