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Hi Beth,

Happy New Year!  The content of the notice from BESB is good information.  Depending on how an individual uses their computer changes the risk factor of staying with Windows 7 past the January date.  For you personally, my advice would be to update your system to Windows 10.  Mostly due to the fact you share a lot of content with others and that opens you and the others to greater risk of catching and or passing a virus or phishing malware around.  The exception would be a few computer users that only use the computer for email for friends or people they know and do NOT go out on the web to search around for entertainment and most importantly, Do NOT use the computer to pay Bills or do banking.  So, it is only a select few that I would give an okay too not upgrade right away to windows 10 and continue using it past the January 14, date.  However, it is also important to note and be aware of a few other things that will likely happen over time as it did when Windows XP became unsupported.  The functional integrity of some programs that are commonly used will begin to become unstable or fail and will have to be replaced with another software, only to be a temporary fix before frustration forces you to move on to Windows 10.  How long that takes to occur is unknown but be sure it will happen over time.  Windows 7 will not just stop working after the 14th but potentially each individual is going to be at a greater risk of getting a new virus that some unscrupulous person puts out there on the web to target Windows 7 users.  Mostly the risk is really very relevant to the individual users habits and what content they keep on the computer.  


Everyone using Windows 7 should back up their files and content that matters to them right away and save it on a flash drive.  This is very important to do now and should be a standard practice.  So the next questions become what and how do I go about getting on windows 10, do I upgrade my current computer or get a new one?  In most cases, my advice would be to get a new computer over upgrading your existing one.  The basis for this is that you would have all the Current hardware architecture for the Windows 10 of today and beyond, along with a new warranty, by investing in a NEW computer today.  The new computer designs from Dell and Apple I have been providing people with have been loved by many for speed and reliability and clean ease of use.  There are always some new habits to form with using a new computer but they are minimal and easily achievable by anyone willing to learn just a few new tricks.  We are able to make Windows 10 feel a lot like windows 7, but of course there are a few exceptions.  Upgrading an older computer is viable for folks that purchased windows 7 machines during the time windows 10 was already available, like you did.  You have a machine that is very capable of upgrading to 10 and running well.  The trade off consideration of upgrade or new is, money.  By the time you pay for Windows 10 software operating system and perhaps add some hardware RAM memory to improve performance and all the LABOR time to have a professional (like me) to upgrade and move files and re-install programs, you come close to the costs of (some) new computers.  Bottom line, this decision is a case-by-case discussion and there are other considerations of Software that are used by each individual and specifically, what new things they may want to be able to do, all of it matters and needs consideration.   I am very happy to have an open discussion with you and any of your friends and associates that are considering making change to Windows 10.  I have already helped a number of people with this transition that are thrilled with the new machines that fit their individual needs.  There are also those few, whom I have advised to just sit tight and using what they have in windows 7, for now.  Please feel free to give me a call 860-539-4182 and or share these thoughts with friends.  Also, I would be happy to have an Q&A open phone call to address some of these questions with your Connecticut group?  let me know.  Thanks much!!


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Hi, happy new year. what are your thoughts? Beth  


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Good afternoon and happy new year to everyone. I am forwarding a document that Rehabilitation Technologists Jolene Nemeth and Michelle Laramie put together pertaining to the impending changes in Microsoft products. As they stated in the attached, “On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for the Windows 7 operating system. 

Any computer running Windows 7 will be at risk of attacks from malicious software.” Their document provides important information and links to resources that are available to assist you.



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