[Diabetes-talk] Update on Pumps?

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First, I'm also not aware of any such reviews. Second, a word of caution
about any rep *knowing* what is possible and not possible for a blind
person with a pump. When I started using mine, I was told 99% of the
pump I wouldn't be able to use. On my own, I played with features and
use much more than 99%. I'm still very limited in what features I can
use, but it's still more than those with the *knowledge* said I would be
able to use.

The Medtronic Mini is a good pump, but one thing I don't like is that
when you need to change a basal rate, you have to go through and
re-enter each basal rate. This seems very inefficient. I currently use a
Cosmo, which is no longer available, and I will start using an Animas
Ping soon, which is very comparable to the Cosmo.


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Hi All,

I have 2 reps from Medtronics coming out this 
Friday to show me a pump. One of them has worked 
with multiple blind people supposedly, and that's 
why the other rep is bringing her along. To make 
sure I know how this pump can properly, 
supposedly, be used by a blind person despite 
being only partially accessible. My question is, 
can someone point me to a page(s) with 
descriptions and reviews by blind people, of the 
various pumps available nowadays? I'm embarrassed 
to say I haven't kept up well here, and have 
skipped several conversations regarding pumps in 
the past.

Thanks, All,

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