[Diabetes-talk] Update on Pumps?

Everett Gavel everett at everettgavel.com
Thu Aug 15 19:31:52 UTC 2013

Hi Mike, and all,

I get what you're saying, Mike. My thought was 
simply that it might show a higher level of 
accountability and/or need for accessible devices, 
if such a page was made public. Consumer Reports, 
for instance, has greatly improved accountability 
among product quality over the decades, y'know? 

Strive On!

----- Original Message ----- 
> Everett:
> It's a great idea but for one thing ... IMO 
> pumps change sufficiently often
> that such a page would be difficult to keep 
> up-to-date. It'd be sort of like
> our NFB NewslineR staff's task in keeping up 
> with changes in newspaper feeds
> -- sorta like trying to catch a tiger by the 
> tail.

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