[Diabetes-talk] Update on Pumps?

Veronica Elsea veronica at laurelcreekmusic.com
Thu Aug 15 21:27:45 UTC 2013

You know, I only wish Mike were correct here. The FDA is so far behind that
we really don't have new things coming out very often these days. It would
be a fair bit of work doing the initial write-ups, but if we dated articles
and said things like, as of this writing and here's the model number. For
instance, how to work the Animas pump basically hasn't changed in ten years.
There are often new features added like the ability to connect with other
meters and such, but some of the basic information would still be the same.
And I do agree with you Bridgit. The first time I met with an Animas rep,
she had just assumed that the only thing I'd be interested in was the touch
bolus on the side. Like blind people don't change basal rates? So the more
we do to help and challenge each other, the better off we'll be. But however
often updating would occur, it's true that someone would have to be in
charge of the page. But given that this is what we have these days, it
really might be worth considering.

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Hi Mike, and all,

I get what you're saying, Mike. My thought was 
simply that it might show a higher level of 
accountability and/or need for accessible devices, 
if such a page was made public. Consumer Reports, 
for instance, has greatly improved accountability 
among product quality over the decades, y'know? 

Strive On!

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> Everett:
> It's a great idea but for one thing ... IMO 
> pumps change sufficiently often
> that such a page would be difficult to keep 
> up-to-date. It'd be sort of like
> our NFB NewslineR staff's task in keeping up 
> with changes in newspaper feeds
> -- sorta like trying to catch a tiger by the 
> tail.

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