[Greater-baltimore] Another New Convention Gathering!

Melissa Ann Riccobono melissa at riccobono.us
Mon Oct 10 17:08:51 UTC 2011

Hello everyone,

I am pleased and excited to announce that there will be a gathering for
blind parents at this year's Maryland state convention!  This gathering will
take place on Friday, October 28, from 6:30-7:30 in the Delaware Room of the
Carousel Hotel.  This meeting is open to all blind people who are
parents--no matter the ages of your children.  We also welcome anyone who is
interested in parenting and children to attend.  This will be a time for
everyone to get to know one another, network, ask and answer "how to"
questions, share "tricks of the trade", and more.  Child care will be open
in the Washington Room, although children are also welcome to attend the
meeting with their parents.  I know our affiliate has many blind parents,
and I very much look forward to meeting all of you.

                If you have questions, or ideas for the discussion, please
contact me at 410-235-3073, or president at nfbmd.org

I look forward to seeing you at convention!

Melissa Riccobono

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