[nabs-l] Winter Ear Protection

Sydney Walker Freedman freedmas at stolaf.edu
Wed Dec 17 07:02:42 UTC 2008

Hello from your friend Sydney in MN, where it feels like negative
twenty-something, it's windy, and it's SNOWING!  :)

my personal favorite is to completely hide my face inside the hood of
my favorite hoodie, pulling it completely tight with a drawstring; I
then zip my coat shut over it and put my coat hood down.  I look
really "scary" and funny, and my friends get a kick out of talking to
a hood and are envious of having to keep there faces partially bare in
order to see.  :)  My second favorite thing is to wrap a scarf around
my ears and face.  I haven't had any trouble hearing with either of
these methods, though I must confess that half of the point is to look
silly and to make my friends, teachers, etc. laugh at the faceless
person walking around.  :)  I'm not sure how helpful you'll find these
suggestions, but I couldn't help myself from posting.

Winter wishes,
Sydney (whose radiator is broken and who doesn't mind :) )

On 12/16/08, Arielle Silverman <arielle71 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> This year I moved to Boulder, CO, after spending my entire life living
> in Phoenix, Arizona where the coldest winter days get down to 40
> degrees. I've been learning a lot over the past few weeks about
> traveling in the cold and snow and have actually found it to be a lot
> less daunting than I expected! The only thing I haven't quite figured
> out yet is how to keep my ears warm without losing too much
> environmental sound. When traffic sounds are already muffled by snow I
> want to be able to hear as much of what remains as I can for good
> orientation, but I also don't want to freeze my ears off!
> Suggestions?
> Arielle
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