[nabs-l] Microscope Usage in Science Classes

Logan Anderson logan4447 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 01:10:38 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I am a university student studying genetic biology. Due to my major I have to take classes that have labs focusing on microscope use and students are tested on their ability to effectively use microscopes to figure out information. I was wondering if any of you have figured out strategies to utilize microscopes or ways of dealing with the information microscopes are used to get. It is important for me to understand what my peers would see under the microscope in class, because understanding cells and their visual appearance is an important part of genetics. i have no usable vision. I usually have a lab assistant who is there to explain anything visual to me, but I am still having trouble understanding the material. I also use a Draftsman during labs, though it doesn't help much, because it is difficult for me to distinguish details in the pictures drawn. 

Thank you,

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