[nabs-l] Another win for blind students: Harry Staley's efforts for equal access to education in Texas

Kathryn Webster, NABS President nabs.president at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 14:06:25 UTC 2017

Fellow students,


                I am exceedingly proud to announce that one of our ambitious members has scored another win in our fight toward equal access to education. Harry Staley of Texas has been fighting tirelessly to gain university support from his college: Texas A&M University. As of this week, we are proud to announce that a letter has been acquired. With university support from states such as Texas, North Carolina, Nevada, and New Jersey, we are on our way toward success with our national legislation. I encourage you to follow in his footsteps. With every new college backing our efforts, an increased in likelihood of passing AIM-HEA occurs. It is up to us to take that step, request a meeting with your university president, bring support from fellow students, and let’s make this happen. We are proud of Harry Staley’s efforts in ensuring blind students receive universal access to education. This will not happen overnight; and it starts at the college level.


If students need personal testimonies for support from your state, reach out to Michael Ausbun or myself and we will certainly send you them. You have an entire organization backing you in this fight and working alongside you for the benefit of all of us.


Congratulations to Harry. Now, who’s next?


Don’t deny AIM-HEA,

Kathryn Webster

President | National Association of Blind Students

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