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Mikayla,I was an education major...this coming year will be my 18th year of teaching.  When I was in college and had to do classes or field experiences off-campus, I always started with seeing if I could catch a ride with fellow classmates.  I honestly don't remember an occasion where I wasn't able to work something like this out, as there were always other students in the class who had the same location to go to.  There are of course other options....but honestly, this was the easiest and cheapest.  I did always offer money for gas to whomever was driving.  Nicole

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Hi all,

    I hope you are doing well. I will be starting college in the fall, and most likely majoring in child development. As part of my child development class, we have an off-campus lab assignment to work with children. How have you guys handle transportation to off-campus classes? I was thinking I could either take a lyft, or since I just got back from Colorado, could figure out the bus system, but I want to make sure I am on time to my class. How have you all gotten around this hurdle? Thanks for any ideas.


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