[NABS-L] Building your student division tip of the day

Janae Burgmeier janae.burgmeier at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 19:06:44 UTC 2019

We will be having a membership call on Sunday March 24th but in preparation for that call, we are releasing some daily tips for becoming a new leader and building your student division. We would love to see you on our call so please share your questions with us! 

Tip: Meet people where they are

I know this is becoming a cliché but it comes up time and time again. If you have a board member who will respond to e mail, e mail them, if there is a student whom you know won’t get involved unless you call them before every meeting, do it. If you cannot make time, find someone to help you reach out. Repetative outreach can seem really cumbersome, however some students will need that reinforcement to be successful at first. As a young leader, I am constantly having to remind myself that not all students are at the same level. I grew up with a family who had very high standards for my abilities. I often forget that many were not given the same opportunities.  If working with your peers feels like a chore, ask yourself why you are interesting in leadership.  If someone on your board has helicopter parents, get involved and help to empower that student. Be proactive and slow down when your peers need help.

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