[nagdu] list rules reminders

Julie J julielj at windstream.net
Fri Sep 10 21:26:09 UTC 2010

> Hello all!
> I thought it was time for a reminder of the list rules.  We have some new 
> folks and some not so new folks who might benefit from a bit of a 
> reminder.  So here goes!  All the rules amount to one rule, "be nice", if 
> you do that all will be well.
> *Be nice to others.  This is really the only rule and if everyone can do 
> this I'll forgive all other indiscretions.
> Being nice includes:
> 1. using a courteous and respectful tone and language.   If in doubt don't 
> post it.  Please feel free to disagree with any idea, concept or topic, 
> but disagreement does not preclude manners. In short-no flaming. This list 
> is publicly archived and may be read by minors.
> 2. being respectful of others time by staying on topic.  The main topic of 
> the list is guide dogs.  Occasionally discussions of general blindness 
> issues or other types of service animals are acceptable.  Also there will 
> be posts on NFB initiatives and related announcements.  NAGDU is a 
> division of the NFB.
 *3. Any announcement for any sales, collection, donation or other exchange 
of goods or service not directly related to guide dogs, NFB or NAGDU is not 
allowed. Announcements of fundraisers for NAGDU or its affiliates are 
completely appropriate.  guide dog related Product recommendations in which 
you do or do not receive direct financial compensation are completely 
acceptable and appreciated.    This is intended to provide product 
information to guide dog users, if this is abused and the list becomes one 
large advertisement I will have to rethink this rule.  It is perfectly 
acceptable to have a link to your product web site  regardless of its 
relation to guide dogs in your signature line.

> Continued violation of the rules after being warned will result in removal 
> from the list.
> That's all the rules.   The below are things that would be very much 
> appreciated, but are not mandatory.
> 1. trim your posts.  This means to remove all that header info from a 
> forwarded message or the 13 previous messages in the thread  that you are 
> replying to.  It's just courtesy.  Personally I don't read forwarded 
> messages if they start out with a mile long list of email addresses.
> 2. If your posting pictures please include a description of them.  The 
> majority of list members cannot see the pictures so a text description is 
> very much appreciated.
> 3. if you ask a question about a situation you are experiencing requesting 
> advice,  please update us on the resolution of the problem.  It is just 
> really nice to know how things worked out and the information might prove 
> useful to someone else.
> 4. if your posting an attachment please let us know in the body of your 
> message what the attachment contains.   Most people do not open 
> attachments.  Letting us know that there is something important included 
> there will increase the odds a bit that it gets opened.
> That's it.  As always I am available to answer questions.  My email 
> address is:
> julielj at windstream.net
> Julie Johnson
> NAGDU list moderator
> _______________________________________________

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