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Diana and Sarah,

That is my understanding of the matter from a legal perspective, too.

What I have heard is that many guide dog programs do a lot of outreach and
make arrangements with businesses and agencies and transit companies and,
well, just about everybody they can, to gain permission for their puppy
raisers and trainers to bring the program's pups with them for the sake of
socialization and exposure to the many environments in which the youngster
will be doing their work in later life.  I know GDB has done a pretty good
job of that around the Portland Metro area because of the Boring campus
nearby.  Which is why I so often have to explain about why my dog isn't
wearing a green vest when we go places we haven't been before.  /smile/  The
GDB pups and GDITs wear green vests with the school name and logo so that
they are easily identifiable.  I guess some clerks and business owners who
don't see guide dogs all that often assume that it is the vest that makes
the dog a guide and that there is some legal requirement for all guide dogs
to wear them.  I tried the short explanation at first -- that's for Guide
Dogs with a Capital G and Capital D -- but this did not appear to be
effective at all, since the person didn't grasp the distinction.  Oh, well.
So I had to come up with a more extended spiel and practice it for next time
it came up.  /lol/

So, Diana, I would interested to know -- if your friend is okay with your
sharing that information -- how the program she is raising the puppy for
deals with the matter.  Do they get involved in something like this so that
she can continue to give her pups more exposure to the workplace
environment?  Or is it up to her to handle those arrangements directly with
her employer.

I can't think of many good reason why the employer in this case would change
things because of a new building, but I suspect it may have something to do
with the air ducts and environmental systems in the new building.  They
might have some concern about dander and loose dog hair floating through the
air ducts into other parts of the building where there might be a problem
for people with allergies, especially if the building is shared with other

Just a guess.  This is an interesting topic, though.

Tami Smith-Kinney

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Hi Diana,
Unfortunately your puppy raiser friend does not have any rights when it 
comes to bringing her puppy to work.  The right of access goes with the 
handler, not the dog, and it is the blind handler who has the rights, and 
only when the dog has actually completed training as a guide.
Many puppy raisers are able to bring their puppies in training to stores, 
work, etc, but that is only because the establishment has chosen to allow 
it.  If they don't grant access, the raiser has no legal standing, and 
should probably not push the issue.

Sarah & Miguel

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> Hi all.  I have a friend who has encountered a problem She currently is 
> raising for one of the large schools on the east coast.  She has done this

> for many years and always takes her dogs to work with her which I think is

> what puppy raisers are supposed to do. Her dogs are always the model of 
> correct deportment so there has never ever been an issue over their 
> behavior.  However today her boss called her into his office to explain 
> they were changing offices and he would no longer allow her to bring the 
> dog to work with her.
> It seems odd to me that if she has done this for many years and there have

> never been complaints this attitude is strange to say the least.  Does she

> have any legal rights whatever?
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