[nagdu] Service Dogs And Peoples Fears

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hmmmm, I have seen people run out of the way when I have entered a store, or 
when I am making my way down the mall, and yes people have petted my pup. 
However, if they run, why bother with them, that’s just less people you have 
to worry about.

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Sure we should be considerate of other folks and the way they interact with 
dogs.  But it sure is silly sometimes when you see how some people react!  I 
have seen folks run out of the gas station when I was anywhere in the place 
with Holly.  I have also noticed several folks triing to sneak pet or sneak 
feed her.  I also have been stopped because they want to know what breed she 
is and had to physically move a woman who kneeled down in front of us and 
refused to move until I aggreed that Holly was a griffin and not a 
Intelligence is always claimed but rarely proven!
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