[nagdu] update: food issues

Julie J. julielj at neb.rr.com
Thu Aug 25 15:42:24 UTC 2011


Sorry for the troubles you're having.   I have an older retired dog who 
is being fussy about her food lately.  I know how frustrating it is with 

  Please know that it isn't the end of the world if she doesn't eat her 
full portion of food.  Keep offering it and she'll eat when she needs 
to.  If you notice other symptoms or she seems to be losing weight 
rapidly, get her to the vet.  Otherwise things should work themselves 
out in time.

It won't hurt to offer her kibble throughout the day, either as treats 
or even at three mealtimes.  The worst that will happen is that her 
relieving schedule might be off.  If that's something you can deal with 
I'd keep offering the food.

Of course once things settle down and you get to know each other better, 
you'll need to establish a schedule that works for you.  In the meantime 
don't be afraid to test out different feeding schedules.  Maybe vary the 
times each day your feeding, try three mealtimes, split the daily 
portion different ways among the meals, try feeding once a day, try 
putting a bit of water on the food...just experiment until you find 
something that works for you and her.

Best of luck and welcome to the list!

On 8/25/2011 9:49 AM, Robert Hooper wrote:
> Hello again list:
> Well, for this morning's feed, I gave him one cup of food. He ate it, but seemingly very slowly. Therefore, I didn't give him another, but gave him some water, which he drank. I then opened my front door to a torrential downpour, hesitated, and decided to try it anyway. In about ten seconds everything I was wearing was much heavier, much colder, and completely unbearable. So, after shaking ourselves off under the scant shelter of the front porch we went inside...for two hours. Park time then proceeded as normal. My dilemma then: should I give him the normal two cups tonight-or three? He was on two cups per feed time twice a day, but part of me thinks that three cups would be a bit much. Maybe I should give him the normal two cups tonight and increase his morning feed back to two cups tomorrow? Hmm. Well, I have the day to ponder this query and a bunch of college scheduling loveliness to attend. Any thoughts will, as usual, be appreciably gathered in my inbox for my contemplation.
> One final note: thanks to those who did respond to my original message, both on and off-list. I appreciate this sense of community and the feeling that I can depend on so many people for their experience, perspective, and opinions.
> Thanks,
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