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Oh, there were a couple of other things I thought I should say. First of all, these people do a lot of research as they do this work. They do that at the programs, too, and they change how things are done often as a result of networking. Second, often these people enlist the help of professional trainers in their journey. I think there are people who do rudimentary work and call ig trained. I think I know someone like that. Mostly, though, I don't think so.


On Sep 4, 2013, at 11:17 PM, Bridget Walker <bridgetawalker13 at aol.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have some thoughts after following the threads. in my opinion A service dog should be trained by an actual program. Yes that's right I said it. It's not the harness or the vest that makes the dog it is the training. I do not know how anyone can pick a random dog, train it on their own without being a trainer and call it a service animal. Until someone informs me of how a dog that is not trained by an actual trainer gets identified as a service dog I'm sorry I personally can find a reason why there can be conflicts. 
> I fully believe the dogs the guide dog schools breed and train  are what make the dog. The early socialization and introductions the puppies get is crucial and it should all be done a specific way. With that I think this war over fake verses  legit service dogs is beating a dead horse.  I think there most definitely needs to be some kind of certification process for the dogs that are not trained from an actual program. If I could just train my pet as a guide dog is that really ok? I asked a while back who evaluates these dogs and I never got an answer. I don't think it can be just anyone who should make the call over what makes a good service dog  that is what  a trainer. Training school is for. 
> Ok a bit off topic there but really I think there is a reason we have training programs and ID cards. Do we need them by law? No, but maybe we just might at the rate everything is going. 
> There are people that take for granted a lot of opportunities including this. I would still like to maintain the ability to travel   with a service dog as a right not a privilege. 
> This is not designed. to say this goes to the fault of anyone specific because if we knew why there was such a conflict I am sure we would be acting on it.
> I leave it at that.
> Bridget 
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