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I think that most schools use a mixture of positive rewards and correction.
I have never done extensive training of dogs, so I cannot say, but I think
that it would be harder to use just positive methods when there is a large
number of dogs and a lot of temptation . The trainers know how to use
correction in a way that is not harmful, and a dog that needs too much
correction is usually one who gets career changed. To the best of my
knowledge, GDB uses both. Also, on a related note, GDB uses different
training collars than they used to, which I think is a good change. I have
also seen a few more GDB alums with these collars instead of the choke

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Hi all,

How do the different training methods differ between schools? Which schools
have begun to use more positive methods of training such as food rewards and
clicker training? I'm sorry this question is so vague; however, I am truely
curious. It is difficult to determine this kind of information from a
training program's website so I thought it would be beneficial to ask those
with firsthand experience. Any information would be appreciated.


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