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How long will you be on travel? Unless your dog is used to being in a kennel
and not getting a lot of time with people, I would actually recommend trying
to find a friend with whom to leave him. If you do not have any friends who
are willing or able to take care of him, it is sometimes possible to find a
puppy raiser in the area who can help. This is often a better choice anyway
as puppy raisers  know the rules.

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This reminds me. I am planning to go to Britain, Ireland, austria,
Lithuania, and Iceland in August. I was worried about meeting all the
various regulations, and have pretty well decided to board my dog and use a
cane while travelling. If I change my mind, I only have a few weeks to start
the complex blood tests needed. When I wrote Seeing Eye asking whether they
would hold Gyro for me, they said reluctantly they would if I could find no
other option. I have to look into professional boarding kennels.

The lady at Seeing Eye sent me contact info for a person who had been to
Austria and Lithuania, to get details about his experiences, but he did not

Any comments would be appreciated.

Ed Meskys


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