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My theory is that it usually pays to be safe than sorry! I'd rather spend 
extra and give Holly protection she may not need than to skip and have 
something happen. I am not ignorant on parasitology or the antics of 
pharmacutical companies who claim you need everything. I wil not fret if 
sometimes holly misses one or two iether. But, as long as no adverse effects 
occur then by all means keep it up!
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>I can understand what you are saying, and I believe most all of it. The 
> problem I face is who to believe.
> When it comes to Climate change - I DO BELIEVE!
> When it comes to heartworm prevention - I am not so sure. One vet says 
> yes,
> one says no.
> My vet says don't believe everything you hear, there is a REAL 
> possibility.
> What do you do?
> I will go with my gut feeling on this one until I have definitive proof.
> With food, I believe in a natural diet, and denounce all of the suggested
> crap found in all of the so called premium brands.
> I truly wish there was a single source, well documented, time-tested and
> widely accepted which I could believe and trust.
> When I get a different opinion from every vet or so called expert, I only
> remain confused and have to go with that "male intuition".
> Daniel and Cass, Lakewood, Colorado
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>> I find it interesting that the reason that everyone seems to be citing 
>> for
>> giving heartworm/flea and tick preventative is not taking the chance.
>> Giving heartworm preventative and flea and tick treatments is also a 
>> risk.
>> Vaccinations are a risk and so is just about everything else you put into
> or
>> on your dog.  I think it's important to be aware of the risks associated
>> with the medication too.  Then choose which seems to be the lesser risk 
>> to
>> you in your particular situation, the medication or the actual illness.
>> I do not give heartworm preventative year around.  I also use natural bug
>> prevention strategies.
>> Many years ago I went to college to study veterinary technology.   I'm
> sure
>> vet medicine has changed a lot since then, but I want one thing to be
> clear
>> to you all.  Dog food companies and pharmaceutical companies give free
> stuff
>> to vets so they will in turn promote the use of those products.  It's the
>> same in people medicine.  The pharmacy sales people give out free samples
> to
>> doctors who pass them along to their patients.  Then if the medication
> works
>> the patient gets a prescription from the pharmacy for the next months or
>> years.  The pharmaceutical companies more than make up for those free
>> samples.  The thing you may never find out is if there is a cheaper
>> medication available that might work just as well.  Generics help
> somewhat,
>> but the pharmaceutical industry is still making the big bucks.
>> I don't think it's as bad in animal medicine, but it does definitely
> happen.
>> When I was in college all the information for our nutrition classes were
>> provided by Science Diet for free of course.  Science Diet also provided
> all
>> the dog and cat food for our kennel animals also for free.  I left vet
> tech
>> school thinking Science Diet was some awesome food.  After all that's 
>> what
>> the college told me and they must be right, right?  It wasn't until much
>> later and a lot of vet bills with my dogs that I researched dog food on 
>> my
>> own and uncovered some startling inconsistencies.
>> I do listen to my vet, but I also do my own research and I ask a ton of
>> questions.  I've noticed when the vet realizes that I am very well
> informed
>> I get a more honest approach to the situation.  I think vets are often
>> responding to what people expect.  The norm is to vaccinate yearly so the
>> vet obliges even when he knows it isn't absolutely necessary.  My vet 
>> does
>> generally promote the use of heartworm treatment year around, but also is
>> honest in admitting that it is because it is easier for people to 
>> remember
>> what to do that way and not because dogs need heartworm treatment in
>> January
>> in Nebraska.
>> Julie
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