[nagdu] Guide Dogs and childcare centers

Julie J. julielj at neb.rr.com
Mon Sep 1 21:20:26 UTC 2014

I think that it also depends on how old the children are.  If you are 
talking preschool age and older, then talking about the dog, what she does 
and the rules of engagement, then you have a chance of them listening to 
you.  Younger kids don't have good self control and are probably still going 
to do things you've told them not to.  Younger than about 3 years and I 
think the best thing is to keep the dog and the kids apart.  Kids that young 
don't have the cognitive skills to understand or follow with directions for 
more than about 2 minutes.  Then you'll be repeating yourself and never 
getting anything else done.

If it were me, I think I'd request a bit of orientation after hours.  Then 
you could learn where the snacks are kept, which spray cleaner is for the 
tables and which is for the bathroom, the layout of the building, the fire 
exits and all of that sort of thing.   I'd feel more comfortable working 
with the kids if I knew my surroundings a bit.  I'd feel like I was in a 
better position to handle whatever came up, be it a runny nose, a quick trip 
to the bathroom or a spill at the snack table.

I've never quite been in your position though.  I don't generally tell 
people in advance that I'm blind, but I have always had in person 
interviews.    It's pretty obvious then and we work through any questions or 


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