[nagdu] A bit of a dilemma.

debby phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 03:57:36 UTC 2014

Hi Jim, will ell, 14 year-olds can be rather obnoxious, no matter 
what.  You know, they can't decide if they want to be grown-up or 
little kids.  Fortunately this doesn't last forever.  I guess I'd 
find out why she's so negative about the dog.  Is she afraid of 
dogs? If that's the case, perhaps you and her mom can try and 
talk to her about this fear.  If it's because she's embarrassed 
to be seen with you and a dog, tell her dogs are guy magnets.  
Lol.  Just some thoughts.  The thing I would not do is not get 
the dog.    Peace,    Debby and Neena

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