[nagdu] Sweden [was: Uber sued for allegedly refusing rides to the blind andputting a dog in the trunk]

Dudley Hanks dhanks at dudley-hanks.com
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Just curious.  What happens if the first dog doesn't work out?

Does the applicant have to go through the whole application procedure again?
Or, is there a fast-track process that just reconsiders what type of dog is
needed?  Or, do they have to wait for a while before re-applying?

Dudley and Michener

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Fatmir and I are both from Sweden so I'll answer your question. In Sweden,
the majority of guide dogs are owned by the Swedish Association of the
Visually Impaired - SRF. New guide dog owners apply for a guide dog through
their Low Vision Centre which send the application to SRF. SRF's guide dog
instructors make a home visit to the applicant and decide if the applicant
would become a good guide dog owner, if 'yes', the applicant is invited to
an Information course, often four days, where he/she gets information about
guide dogs and gets to walk with different dogs. If the instructors and
applicant think that he/she would become a good owner etc, the applicant
gets a dispotion right and the instructors start to look after the right
dog. Generally, we don't get the chance to walk with the dog before the
Basic course 1 and they don't have any other dogs if the first dog don't
work out during training. I hope this cleared it up a little bit, and
please, excuse my bad grammar, spelling and punctation, it's election day
today so I'm watching the telly whilst writing this.

Leye-Shprintse and Hera <3
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