[nagdu] What you may not know about service animals

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Why do you doubt the legitimacy of the person with PTSD? 
I can see why you'd doubt the guy smelling of alcohol, I would too probably
based on that alone, but if the dogs were behaving themselves, why question
it? PTSD is very real. 

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Ginger, this is good information.  Twice this week, I have encountered
"service dogs".  The first one was on the bus on the way to work one
morning.  A lady got on with her dog.  Neena seemed a little distracted and
restless, so I asked someone if there was a dog on the bus.  They said that
yes, there was.  The person who had the dog said, "Oh, it's my service dog."
Being nosy and also interested in what service this dog might be performing,
I asked.  She said that she suffered from PTSAID, and that the dog helped
her when she began to have panic attacks.  
The second one was just this afternoon.  A guy got on the bus, definitely
smelling of alcohol.  He had his little dog with him, and told the driver
that it was a service dog.  The driver didn't ask him any questions at all,
just allowed him on the bus.  
Again, being nosy and also interested, I asked.  The guy said, "He keeps me
from killing myself".  In both cases, the question for me is: would these
dogs be considered service dogs or emotional support animals? The lady was
polite, had her dog well under control, and did not allow her dog to come
near mine.  The guy disappeared from the bus when he saw me and Neena
getting off.  Interestingly enough, I haven't seen any service dogs real or
otherwise, until I've been traveling with Neena.  What a complicated
horrible mess this all seems to be.  The Spokane Transit Authority has told
its drivers, according to a friend of mine who is a bus driver, that they
may only ask if the dog is a service dog oh not.  They are not told that
they can ask what task the dog performs for them.  So they don't ask any
at all.    Peace,    Debby and Neena

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