[nagdu] Why I decided not to owner train.

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	I am not an owner trainer, but I disagree. From what I know, most if
not all of the schools monitor the handlers to some degree. What exactly
that means and the consequences for not doing what the school wants vary
from school to school. GDB sends a field rep every year and wants an annual
report from the vet. Do I mind. No, especially since either there are no
problems or we agree when there are problems. Would this bother some people?
Yes, it would. Some people want to get a dog from a school and then never
talk to the school again. The term "Big Brother" seems to be thought of as
implying extreme monitoring and control, but, JMHO, it applies in even the
most minor cases. So, there is some degree of "Big Brother" regardless of
the school; it just depends on what level you are willing to accept.


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I do not think of my school as the "big brother" program.  That smacks of
paranoia to me.  It's just as valid a choice to go to a school to get
training as it is to owner train but calling a program a "big brother"
program is definitely derogatory.  I'm not trying to start a war here, but I
get the feeling from some folks that owner train that maybe they're just a
little bit better than the rest of us poor slobs who don't have the time,
inclination or whatever to owner train.  As I wrote in an earlier email, it
takes commitment to decide to go to a school and train with a dog.  For
those who owner train, great, more power to you! 
But please don't act superior because you have chosen to owner 
train.    Debby and Neena the Golden

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