[nagdu] "She's fine"

Kaye Kipp kkipp123 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 29 14:17:48 UTC 2015



One of my pet peeves is people saying, "Oh, she's fine."  I might be just
checking to see what my dog is doing and someone will say, "Oh, she's fine."
Last Sunday I was out for brunch with some people from church and Liberty
was under the table, but she was lying on the feet of the person across from
me,  I wanted her close to me so I could tell what was going on, to make
sure someone wasn't sneaking her a goody or too.  Two people jumped all over
my case and said, "She's fine."  One lady even told me to leave her alone.
How do people get off telling me to leave my dog alone?  Excuse me!



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