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Hi Elise,
I am sorry I couldn't remember you name from the post I read yesterday. 
My personal opinion is its dangerous to tie a dog down on a bus 
especially where the metal for the wheelchairs go. I am surprised they 
offer to do that. maybe you can make a suggestion to the company and 
county about putting mats down. They mats are picked up by the driver 
when you get off the bus and rolled up so they are only down when a dog 
is on the bus for the trip.
Marilyn and Anna
 On Mon, Oct 05, 2015 at 05:16 AM, Elise Berkley via nagdu wrote:
 > Hello, Marilyn.  My name is Elise and I am the original writer of 
this post. They tried to explain to me that the connection would be made 
at Becky's harness, and it would be clipped at the same part they tie 
down the wheelchairs on the metal hooks, I guess that is what they use. 
And you are very correct when you say advocation is the key for our 
issues.  Thank you for your post.
> Elise and Becky
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> Hi Everyone,
> I just read the email about putting the dog on a tie down on the bus. 
> I
> would not do that. the dog should be with you at all times.
> Since my guide dog was hurt on a para transit bus and had surgery last
> Dec. I have advocated for mats to be on all our Para transit buses and
> they are. I have also advocated for anyone who needs to use the lift
> just to ask the driver  as I was questioned by a few drivers who gave 
> me
> a hard time using the lift with Anna. The drivers are no longer 
> allowed
> to ask , they just put the lift down. I also explained why on the lift
> the mat should be used so the dogs nails don't get caught in the holes
> on the lift. Also every month groups of us go to our legislative
> hearings on transportation. We have been requesting extending evening
> hours and full Sunday service. the Legislators are tired of seeing us 
> .
> I missed this past Monday's hearing because I went to visit a friend 
> in
> the hospital who is also a guide dog user. Our county keeps passing 
> the
> buck to our state senators. I believe if you want change you must
> address the problems.
> To the person who didn't want to tie the dog sorry I forgot your name
> but is the tie down on the metal where they would secure the wheel
> chairs? We have some newer buses called the 1500 series and last
> Wednesday I was on one. there was a passenger in the front seat on my
> right so the driver asked me to sit behind him. The seat was so close 
> to
> the wall dividing the seat with the drivers seat there was no room for
> Anna to lay at my feet . Either my feet would have to be in the isle 
> or
> the dog . The bus driver said the second seat behind the passenger had
> more room Yes it did . I could have fit two dogs at my feet. I  have
> also taken notice that there are metal strips in the isles now for 
> wheel
> chair users on the newer buses. We are still trying to find out if our
> county has a compliance officer . Some say yes , others say no.
> The next morning I sent an email to the head of the county for
> transportation . He played like in his email back to me he didn't
> understand what I was talking about. My second email to him was very
> explicit and when I spoke to my director at work he said he was able 
> to
> understand the first email that I explained asking him if they could
> move the seat back a few feet so people have leg room and if you have 
> a
> guide dog they can sit at your feet.
> Advocating is the key for system change.
> Marilyn and Anna
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