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I haven't had to deal with this exact situation, but Thai did have to sleep or just lay down for a pretty significant part of the day during high school. I noticed that he was more content to sleep if he had gotten exercise later in the previous day. Here are some suggestions, which may or may not be relevant depending on Jenny's toy/play preferences. Does Jeny like to play with any toys other than her bones that aren't too obnoxious? Maybe a rubber toy that doesn't squeak or a rope bone. You could give her the toy around the time you notice her getting wrestless. When I want to keep Thai occupied on his own, I give him a raw bone to chew, about once a week. 

You might also want to try practicing obedience or teaching her a new skill when you have a few free minutes. Obedience will get her up and moving, but learning something new will require more thinking and hopefully use up a little more energy. Some behaviors you could teach with a small amount of space are:
Rolling on her side: I've found this very helpful for clipping nails, putting on boots, cleaning an infected paw, and putting ointment in ears
locating something you've dropped with a paw or nose
touching your hand with her nose

The only other thing I can think of is playing a quick game of fetch before you leave in the morning to take the edge off her energy, even if it's no more than five minutes)

Puzzle toys of course can be very entertaining for food motivated dogs, and I believe there are some interactive toys that don't involve food. I hope you find suggestions that work for your pup.

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> On Oct 29, 2015, at 8:23 PM, Daryl Marie via nagdu <nagdu at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Hi, everyone. Sorry for any typos... I have a bandaged finger that makes typing complicated.
> I've started to notice that Jenny seems to be BORED at work. During the morning, she seems really content to sleep, but afvter about noon, she starts getting restless. She'll move away from her bed, sometimes enthusiastically greet anyone who remotely pays attention to her, to the point where she will literally prance and try and run out the door when she knows we're gboing home.
> In previous jobs I have had, there has always been a window, or access to some form of sunlight, if she wants to rest in it... I've been able to walk somewhere most days at lunch, and even if not, we could go around the block for some fresh air. At this job, there is no sunshine, no windows, and the only place we can really walk is the bus stop - there's no sidewalks, no restaurants to go to for lunch.
> She seems bored of her bones, and I am reluctant to use treat puzzles regularly.
> ANY other suggestions?
> Daryl
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