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This one has the correct date of April 13.

Please pardon the error.










Thursday, April 13, 2017

6:00-8:00 PM




Landmark Apartments, community room

6303 Indian School Road Northeast


The meeting room is in a secure area. If you arrive early, you can dial
pound 556 at the telephone box just to the left upon entering the building
and someone will let you in. Closer to the meeting time, we will have
someone at the entrance to let people in. If you have trouble getting in,
call Curtis Chong at 515-306-1654.


The meeting room is available beginning at 5:00PM and the meeting will take
place from 6:00-8:00PM. There are several restaurants near the meeting
location if you need to get dinner beforehand. You are welcome to bring food
to the meeting, but please do your best to leave the room clean afterward. 


Main Topic:

The Albuquerque chapter is pleased to welcome Susan Wheeler-Deicshel,
Mayoral candidate, as our guest speaker at the meeting this month.
Immediately following this announcement is Susan's flyer, so you can learn a
little more about her before the meeting. Please bring questions for Susan. 





Mayor of Albuquerque 2017




1.     Economic Development

.        Improve educational outcomes.

.        Emphasize making small business development easier.

.         Increase Albuquerque's image and outreach nationally and
state-wide showing this city is a great place to do business and live.


2.     Crime/Public safety

.        Complete the settlement agreement with the Justice Department as
soon as possible.

.        Hire more police officers with a focus on community policing and
property crime.

.        Effectively address homelessness, addiction and mental health care
via community engagement and innovative ideas.


3.    City infrastructure

.        Improve roads, public transit and modernize outdated utility
infrastructure including water, gas, electric and sewer.

.        Prioritize "state of the art" internet, cellular and broadband
accessibility for the entire city.

.        Develop a user friendly city website for fees, taxes, parking
tickets, registering business, etc. to help both residents and businesses in



Susan Wheeler-Deichsel


Susan rolled up her sleeves years ago and has been at work on city projects.
Susan is a fiscally responsible Citizen Problem-Solver. 



.        Led the rehabilitation of Lowe's Grocery Store, 11th and Lomas 

.        Rehabilitation of two city parks

.        Small-business owner and operator

.        Co-founder, Urban ABQ


Susan attends and presents to:

.        city council meetings 

.        study sessions 

.        Land Use Planning and Zoning (LUPZ)

.        The city Comprehensive Plan and zoning code updates (ABC-Z) Housing
and Economic Development Committee (HNEDF)


Participating member of:

.         <https://www.facebook.com/704095036421876/photos/704096096421770/>
8EDDowntown Neighborhoods Association: Chair of Neighborhood Improvement

.        Greater Central Avenue 

.        Urban Land Institute

.        National Trust for Historic Preservation

.        Congress for New Urbanism

.        Route 66 Working Group



Facebook:  Susanforabq

Email:   <mailto:Susanforabq at gmail.com> Susanforabq at gmail.com

Twitter:  @Susan4ABQ



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