[Nfb-seniors] Fwd: email2phone Service for the Blind and Visually Impaired

David B Andrews David.B.Andrews at state.mn.us
Thu Mar 19 16:02:34 CDT 2009

I have been asked to circulate the below announcement,
David Andrews

My name is Ron Schroeder, I am the Marketing Director for 
email2phone.net an Internet and technology company that offers a 
versatile service that converts ordinary text emails to voice 
messages and delivers them over the phone. We are soliciting your 
comments because we believe that email2phone.net may constitute a 
powerful new and innovative tool for the blind and visually 
impaired.  We are also attempting to establish a dialog with 
organizations such as yours to gain feedback and possibly incorporate 
any special requirements that you may suggest into future upgrades of 
the email2phone system and web site.

email2phone.net Service for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Through the use of assistive technologies, email2phone.net provides 
the blind and visually impaired a means to utilize and participate in 
the email connection without visual devices.   Using computer 
software and modern speech technology, email2phone.net converts 
ordinary text emails into phone voice messages and delivers them to 
any phone, anywhere and also provides the user with the capability to 
dial-in and listen to their email voice messages.  This simple 
concept can help overcome the unique set of challenges faced by the 
blind and visually impaired and place them 'in the loop' of 
communications with family and friends.  To many it can also mean a 
more active role in their job or organization.  Easy to set up, easy 
to use, and virtually maintenance free, email2phone.net users do not 
need to own a computer.

How does email2phone.net work?
A user account is created with email2phone.net and an email address 
similar to yourname at email2phone.net is assigned.   Emails may be sent 
directly to this address.
Users may also set the preference in their regular email service 
(AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) to forward emails to 
yourname at email2phone.net.  Emails that are received by 
email2phone.net are then converted into a high-quality voice messages 
and delivered to the specified phone number.   The receiver of the 
email2phone.net voice message has the option to reply to the sender.
The user may also choose to dial in to their email2phone.net account 
and select the messages they want to listen to as high-quality voice 
messages.   An optional feature of email2phone.net, used instead of 
forwarding emails from email service accounts, provides the user with 
direct dial in access to unopened emails in their email service 
accounts (visit the email2phone.net web site at 
<http://www.email2phone.net/>www.email2phone.net for a complete 
description of email2phone.net features).

How can prospective users try email2phone.net service and how much 
does it cost?
Prospective users can sign-up for a Free 30-Day Trial by visiting our 
web site at <http://www.email2phone.net/>www.email2phone.net.  Users 
may sign up for a regular paid account by visiting our web site or by 
calling email2phone customer service.  email2phone.net package prices 
begin at $10/Mo.

Your comments and feedback
Much of our ability to deliver a useful, cost effective and reliable 
product to the blind and visually impaired depends upon the feedback 
we receive from our current blind and visually impaired users and 
organizations such as yours.
We would appreciate your comments and feedback regarding 
email2phone.net and if your organization has a formal process before 
recommending new technologies or if our company requires 
certification and what those processes might entail.

Contact information
email2phone Website: <http://www.email2phone.net/>www.email2phone.net
Email Address: <mailto:sales at corp.email2phone.net>sales at corp.email2phone.net
Customer Support: 888-364-5101
FAX: 888-794-3554
Mailing Address:       AcrossCommunications Inc.
                                     1001 Twelve Oaks Center Drive, Suite 1022
                                     Wayzata, MN 55391

Ron Schroeder
Marketing Director
1001 Twelve Oaks Center Drive, Ste 1022
Wayzata, MN 55391
Phone: 952-513-4392 Ext. 202
email: rons at corp.email2phone.net

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