[nfb-talk] Accessible site question

James Aldrich jajkaldrich at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 16:46:24 CST 2009

Hello all!

I tried to submit an order with Schwans.  I could do everything up to 
approving the order.  I wasn't able to complete or submit my order. 
Something is certainly invisible to me!  What is the best way to deal with 
this?  Schwans use to be a very accessible site for us!  Now its pages are 
so cluttered with junk but then so is Amazon and a few other places!  I 
simply can't find the button or buttons, links etc.  to complete an order! 
This is using both Window Eyes and System Access!

If you are having problems,  please write to:
email.us at schwans.com
Make yourself known!  Maybe this can be fixed!  I fully realize what I have 
problems with others have found a solution but I don't feel they are getting 
better!  If there is a better way to deal with this, Please pass along!

Thanks for reading!

Jim Aldrich 

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